From the girl who never swears. Here’s my two cents.

Frida Kahlo. “Thinking about Death”. 1943

By Nelly Nersesyan

When Sandy Hook happened, I didn’t immediately find out. I was running errands and only learned about it when I picked up my daughter from school that day. You see, the door was locked. It had never been locked before or at least not as a rule (ironic, I know, seeing as how my kids go to a Jewish Day school located inside a synagogue). Needless to say, it has been locked ever since.

When Sandy Hook happened, I could not stop crying. I kept thinking about those babies and, especially, their parents and everyone who now had to go on without them.

When Sandy Hook happened, it seemed like the world as we knew it was no more. Babies, so many babies, mercilessly gunned down by someone who should never have been allowed within a hundred-mile radius of a can opener, much less a loaded weapon.

When Sandy Hook happened, our hearts hurt so much, it felt like they would never recover.

When Sandy Hook happened, the very next day the line to our local gun store was a mile long.

When Sandy Hook happened, it became the most horrific yet painfully accurate litmus test.

If this isn’t bad enough, if this doesn’t make people reconsider their inexplicable, sick love of weapons and staunch opposition to gun control, what hope is there for humankind?

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I hate guns. Never had one, never touched one. In fact, no one in my family, save for my grandfather who fought in World War II, has ever come anywhere near a gun.

Do NOT talk to me about responsible gun ownership. No thug coming to your house at night to rob and hurt you is going to gently tap you on the shoulder first and wait for you to go and retrieve your gun from its responsible hiding place inside a locked cabinet so you can engage in a fair duel.

You think none of those people in Vegas were armed? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

Life is not a Bruce Willis movie. No one is ever prepared for something as horrific as what happened on Sunday. No one can “fight back.” No one stands a chance at all.

People are people. America doesn’t hold a monopoly on crazies. Would you believe it, other countries have crazy people, too.

Shocking, I know.

And yet only in America these kinds of shootings are so common, they’ve become the norm.

YES, GUNS KILL PEOPLE. No kitchen knife or fork or fucking toothpick can do this much damage in such a short period of time in the hands of a person no matter how insane they are.

No country is perfect. But this, this rabid gun worship that makes people blind to tragedy and heartache, to me, this right there is what makes one ashamed of America.

So, stick your prayers, sympathies and “God blesses” where the sun don’t shine. Change that legislation. Quit buying those guns. Grow a brain. Grow a heart.

Until then, fuck you. Fuck you very much.

Ed. note: Nelly lives in Connecticut, not far from Sandy Hook.

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